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"...we have so many people come back to the shows... And I don't just mean one or two times. There are some people who travel all over the country to see as many of the shows as they can."
-Lawrence Gowan, Billboard magazine, August 2001

Naaah... he's gotta be making that up... that's crazy!

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*NEW* 1/15/11 Silver Legacy Casino Reno, NV
*NEW* 1/19/11 Fox Theater Bakersfield, CA

*note - there are many more 2011 dates! Website updates pending...


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Archived tour information (from 11/9/00 forward)

For dates prior to Nov. 2000, try the Tour Date section of Styx-Tour-Y.


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Road What?

If you have NO idea why there would be a need for Road Trip Central - thanks for stopping by! 

Some of us have that dominant "Road Trip" gene that leads us out into the big wide world, on planes, trains and automobiles, to get our next Styx Fix! Please don't roll your eyes at us - it's not something we can control. For those who understand - read on.

Problem is, when the concert you must go to is not in your immediate vicinity, the first step is gathering information. Where is this place? How do I get there? How do I get in touch with them? Often this information is on the internet, but not easy to find. Even if it is just a matter of giving your search engine a workout, dozens of people all do the same work. Wouldn't it be great if there were one place to go to find information about Styx shows - getting tickets and then getting there?

Voila - Styx Road Trip Central!


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BIG OL' DISCLAIMER: I will always provide a list of my sources. In most cases, these venues aren't in my backyard either, so I have no way of verifying that the information given is correct and current. DOUBLE CHECK. TRIPLE CHECK. CALL. This is the same information that I would use if I were buying tickets and going to the show, but that doesn't make it correct! The last thing I would ever want to do is wreck someone's concert experience through misinformation, so use this as a starting point but please CHECK this information before you pack up your car or your suitcase!


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Questions? Comments? Corrections? Additional Information? Please email  styxrdtrip @

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