Whose Closet Is It Anyway?

(a.k.a. "Hey, you, get out of my wardrobe trunk!")


This is a matter that I feel needs to be brought to the attention of Styx fans everywhere.  I have noticed through concerts, internet photos, videos, and many sources of Styx visuals and information, that there seems to be an issue with certain band members having slightly sticky fingers when it comes to other band members' stagewear.

I present Exhibit A: The Polka Dot Piracy

Hey... hands off the merchandise I have NO idea what you're talking about

I don't have a picture, but I've seen a video from 1991 where Glen is the wearer of a polka dot shirt that looks suspiciously familiar... this may be the earliest sighting...

And Exhibit B: The Animal Print Appropriation

Help me, I can't get the top button unbuttoned! How did I ever... get into this shirt?

Clearly a case of contagious bad taste... but who is the carrier and who is the unfortunate victim?

We must stop this madness before it's too late!  Please - JY - Glen - start sewing nametags into your shirt collars before another episode of Behind The Music is spawned from this controversy!


Thank you.


this message paid for by the Committee to Promote Stygian Clothing Harmony

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